WWTP Upgrade Safety & Power

Upgrade Safety
A wastewater treatment plant has areas of potential safety hazards due to 
the gaseous and corrosive environment that can be dangerous to employees, equipment and structures.  There will be work done to bring ventilation systems and access to confined spaces up to current design standards to 
help ensure the safety of plant employees.

Upgrade Power
Standby power must be maintained by a generator in case of an electrical outage.  A new generator system will be installed to meet the new load demand and keep the plant running at full capacity during a power outage.  The generator will be tied into a completely new electrical system and controlled by a computer that will also be monitoring and controlling plant systems to help them run more efficiently.
Additional Items
Other areas of work will include additional biosolids storage and biosolids processing equipment, equipment storage and maintenance facility, replacement of pumps and other worn out equipment.

Contact Information
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