WWTP Upgrade Major Areas of Work

Numbered items and images below coincide with the Lindsborg Wastewater Treatment Plant Major Areas of Work document map and reflects major areas where work is or will be taking place within the facility.  This is an immense project and only a few areas within the plant will remain undisturbed.

  1) Wetwell - surface walls and new hatches for safety, new weir wall and pump for daily removal of grease.
  2) Administration Office/Pump House/Electrical Room - new control room, pumps, control/monitoring systems.
  3) Headworks - piping, equipment and other changes due to current safety/building codes.
  4) Biological Nutrient Removal Basin - NEW (351,000 gallons)
  5) Biological Treatment Aeration Basin - EXISTING (519,000 gallons)
  6) Secondary Clarifier - mechanism replacement due to age and operating environment.
  7) Liquid Biosolids Digestion & Storage Basins - NEW (additional 188,000 gallons)
  8) Belt Filter Press - installation less expensive than repairing current system.
  9) Dewatered Biosolids Drying & Storage Pad - (60' wide by 120' length of additional storage)
 10) New Maintenance Building - old garage being converted into electrical room.

Biological Nutrient Removal Basin

Item #4 New Structure
Biological Nutrient Removal Basin

Liquid Biosolids Digestion Storage Tanks

Item #7 New Structure Liquid
Biosolids Digestion & Storage Tanks

Maintenance Building

Item #10 New Structure
 Maintenance Building