Cooking Tips

1. A microwave oven is an energy efficient alternative to a conventional oven. It cooks food more quickly and it uses 70-80% less electricity than a regular oven. 

2. When you’re cooking on top of the range, use pots and pans that are properly sized to “fit” the burners. Using a small pan on a large burner wastes energy and can be a safety hazard. Cookware with flat bottoms and tight covers are your best choice. Always cook with lids on your pans, as this keeps the hear inside and speeds up cooking time. 

3. If you do use a convectional oven, try to avoid “peaking” by opening the oven door. Each “peek” can lower the oven temperature by 25 degrees. Use a toaster oven to cook smaller items. 

4. Although often recommended, it’s not really necessary to preheat the oven for foods with a cooking time of over an hour. Using glass pans allows you to set the oven 25 degrees lower because glass retains heat. 

5. When preparing a meal in your oven, try to use foods that are cooked at about the same temperature. That way your oven can cook several dishes at the same time.