WWTP Updates June 2011

The BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal) basin is a new part of the treatment process designed to biologically remove nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater. The aeration basin has been reconfigured to tie it together through a flow control box to the BNR basin. The two basins each have specific and independent design goals but they also work together to achieve the new permit limits set by the Kansas Department & Health Environment (KDHE).

BNR Basin

Aeration Basin

In the final months of the project, the new basins were put into service and all major equipment was brought online. A reclaimed waterline with yard hydrants was installed and final painting completed. Electrical and computer control systems were tested and calibrated. The reclaimed water line to the golf course was placed into service and used for irrigating fairways. The plant received a new gate, fence and concrete drive with yard work and seeding of grass scheduled in the fall.