WWTP Upgrade New Mandates

One major part of this project is due to new mandates of the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and KDHE (Kansas Department of Health & Environment) to limit the amount of nitrogen and phosphrous that the plant discharges to the Smoky Hill River.  Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients for the growth algae.  Excessive algae growth can starve receiving waters of oxygen 
and result in the death of aquatic plant and animal life.  These limits could not 
be met with the current treatment process.  

A new basin is being constructed that will have an anoxic zone to complete the nitrification/de-nitrification process to reduce nitrogen levels in the effluent and an anaerobic zone to help in the reduction of phosphorus.  There will also be major work done to the current aeration basin and when complete these two basins will work together to achieve the new effluent limits.

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