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City Administrator Responsibilities

The City Administrator is responsible for administrative leadership of City staff and for implementation of policies and guidelines established by the City Council.

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage, direct, control and supervise all the administrative departments and services of the city.
  • Recommend to the Mayor appointments of the chief administrative departments and services of the city.
  • Supervise, direct and assign the duties and education of all appointive officers and employees.
  • Prepare and submit the annual budget to the Mayor and City Council and keep them advised of the financial condition of the city.
  • Supervision and control over city purchases and expenditures in accordance with the budget and polices as established by City Council.
  • Care and management of city-owned land, property, buildings and equipment.
  • Recommend to City Council a schedule of salaries for all officers and equipment.
  • Develop and prepare short-range and long-range planning as the City Council shall request and submit such planning to City Council for action.
  • Make recommendation to City Council as deemed necessary for the effective administration of the city.
  • Responsible for the proper and efficient discharge of the duties of all city officers and employees.
  • Attend and participate in City Council meetings and provide staff support to appointed boards and commissions of the city.