Fire Fighter Uniform

Uniform Information
The fire fighter uniform is obviously meant to protect those that wear it from the extreme temperatures that they will face when on duty. These suits are designed to fight fire themselves, to a certain degree. They are heavy and wearing them in severe conditions can be physically draining.  It takes a lot of preparation and training to get used to moving around in them. It is part of the reason that fire fighters undergo mandatory training. 

Uniform Training
Since the uniform is an important necessity, fire fighters must become accustomed to the nuances of wearing such a suit. There are specific training sessions set up for newly hired fire fighters to get used to the weight and pressure that the suit puts on their bodies. Training consists of simulations in different situations so the person can adapt to wearing the uniform. 

When it comes to protecting people in danger, those who answer the call of duty must be protected as well. Extreme caution must be taken when entering a fire location and the fire fighter suit helps to get the job done.