Water Service

Consumer Information

Water is supplied to the city from a wellfield located southwest of the community. Additionally there are four wells located within the city limits which serve as a backup source of water. The average daily consumption of water is 495,000 gallons. The rates for business, industry and residential are the same. Up to 2,000 gallons of water costs $13.00 and the rate for usage over 2,000 gallons is 4.3 cents per hundred gallons.

Utility Service Contact Information: City Hall • 101 S Main • (785) 227-3355 

Water            Up to 2000 Gallons Over 2000 Gallons       
Business$13.00+$0.0043 per 100 gallons
Commercial$13.00+$0.0043 per 100 gallons
Industrial$13.00+$0.0043 per 100 gallons
Residential*$13.00+$0.0043 per 100 gallons