Wastewater Service

Consumer Rates

Wastewater is treated at the municipally owned treatment plant located in the southeast section of the city. Commercial, business and industry rates are based upon monthly water usage. The rate includes a $15.00 per month base charge, plus 42.5 cents per one hundred gallons of water consumed.

Residential Information

Residential rates are based upon a four month average of water consumed from the month of November through the month of February. The average rate charged includes a $15.00 base charge, plus 42.5 cents per 100 gallons of average monthly water consumption during the four month calculation period. This rate remains constant from April to March of the following year. The average month residential sewer charge is approximately $37.95 per month.

Utility Service Contact Information: City Hall • 101 S Main • (785) 227-3355

Sewer           Base Charge   + per 100 Gallons 
Business $15.00 + $0.425
Commercial $15.00 + $0.425
Industrial $15.00 + $0.425
Residential* $15.00 + $0.425