Utility Service Fees

Service Fees

An application service fee of $15.00 for electric service and $15.00 for water service is charged for new or transferred services and must be paid at time of request. Additionally, a $75.00 security deposit is charged for electric service or $100.00 security deposit for electric and water services. A letter of good credit from your prior utility service provider is accepted in lieu of security deposits. Security deposits are due at time of application for service.

Payment Information

Electric and water meters are read during the 1st through the 10th of each month and utility bills are mailed on the 20th of each month. Payment is then due no later than the 10th of the following month. For convenience of utility customers, payments are received at City Hall, drop slot by front door of City Hall, by mail or through automatic bank withdrawal.

Average Monthly Payment Program

The Average Monthly Payment (AMP) feature is a tool that enables utility customers a more level monthly bill amount than what would occur with normal seasonal variations in services.  In order to qualify for the AMP program a utility customer must have 12 months of service with no penalties and agree to continue to pay penalty free.  For more information contact City Hall at (785) 227-3355.

Average Monthly Payment Application Form