Refuse Service

Consumer Rates

Refuse service is provided to the City through a contract with McPherson Area Solid Waste Authority. It is a mandatory service that is used for all properties.  Business, industry, commercial and residential customers are provided one 90 gallon polycart at the cost of $16.00 per month.  A second polycart may be rented at an additional monthly cost of $7.00.  A third polycart rental is an additional $11.00.  Multiple carts are billed and picked up at the same location.

Refuse Information

Refuse Service provides weekly residential pickup of polycarts on Mondays (exception of Monday holidays with next day service) .  Polycarts should be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m.  All trash items must be contained in the cart.  An extra bag or bundle may be placed on top of the polycart occasionally.  Maximum weight allowed for carts is 60 pounds.  Yard waste is prohibited for disposal in polycarts.  The McPherson Area Solid Waste Authority may be contacted directly for dumpsters, roll-offs and other waste services at (620) 241-6559.

Utility Service Contact Information: City Hall • 101 S Main • (785) 227-3355

Refuse Service  

1st Polycart  

2nd Polycart  

3rd Polycart  

Business $16.00 + $7.00 + $11.00
Commercial $16.00 + $7.00 + $11.00
Industrial $16.00 + $7.00 + $11.00
Residential $16.00 + $7.00 + $11.00