Important irrigation info for summer lawn care

Each spring homeowners spend a significant amount of time preparing their lawn and irrigation system for the summer. One thing some homeowners may not be aware of is that the city code requires a backflow prevention device be installed on any irrigation system that is connected to the City water supply. A backflow preventer protects your home and the public water supply from the reverse flow of water. 

This situation can occur because of a water pipe break in a home or a break in a city water main. When this happens, a significant drop in water pressure can occur. This drop in water pressure can cause water to flow in a reverse direction. If a backflow situation were to happen, harmful chemicals could be drawn into the water system from sprinkler heads that may be sitting in standing water. The introduction of chemicals that are designed to kill weeds could contaminate the public water supply.

 The City Code requires that backflow prevention devices be tested once a year and disassembled and inspected every five years to verify proper operation. If you know your irrigation system is connected to the City water system but you have never received a testing notice for your backflow preventer or you are not sure if your system has one, please contact the Lindsborg Public Works at 227-3428. More info can be found on the Public Works Water page.

City staff is working to try and verify that all irrigation systems that are connected to the public water supply have backflow devices installed and are being tested and maintained properly. This is a continued effort to ensure that we provide the cleanest and safest drinking water to our citizens.

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