Public Safety building renovation rolling along (Updated 2.16.2024)

*UPDATED 2/16/2024* Plumbers were on site setting fixtures in the restrooms and installing the eye wash station in the garage. The HVAC teams extended the hot water heater vents through the roof and the electrician installed light fixtures in the ceilings. The exterior was power washed in advance of paint work next week. Flooring work was also ongoing. A lot of progress was made this week!

(2/9/2024 update) Another fantastic week of warmer temps and sunshine helped crews make a lot of progress on the building. Rooms started looking more and more like actual rooms! Tile was installed in both the restrooms and locker room. Ceiling grid was installed throughout the rest of the spaces and is now ready for lights and grills. Unit heaters were replaced in the garage as well. Work is progressing nicely, and next week should continue that momentum.

(2/2/2024 update) A great week with warmer temps and plenty of sunshine. Hutton was on site finishing the air/moisture barrier that will be covered with metal panels. Painters worked with priming and painting the first coat of paint on walls. Paint and lights were installed in the shower room; ceiling grid and lights were installed in the restrooms. Next week ceramic tiles will begin going in the restrooms and ceiling grid and lights work will continue. Framing for the stairwell will also begin.

(1/26/2024 update) A lot of work was completed this week on the Public Safety building. Drywall finishers were on site and completed the drywall. Kansas Gas elevated the gas pressure for the building, while the plumbers installed regulators to adjust the current equipment in the building to handle the new pressure. The most obvious progress made was four of the seven garage doors have been replaced. Electricians and HVAC workers also continued their work and next week some paint work will begin. Progress is right in line with the current project timeline for completion.

(1/12/2024 update) The snow and cold weather didn't impact progress too much this past week. Highlights include insulation and drywall getting underway.                  
Rough-in electrical work inside some of the last walls that were framed up and pulling wires through the conduit to the device locations.

The Public Safety building renovation project started last November, and work will continue through March or early April
In just the short time the project has been underway, a lot of progress has been made, which is keeping the project timeline right on schedule. 

Some highlights of the project and work so far include: 

  • Old flooring removed and work continues on installation of new flooring; 
  • New drain lines have been installed for the new restroom and locker room; 
  • New walls and framing for new doorways ongoing; 
  • Water lines for the eyewash station in the fire bay installed; 
  • HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work includes measuring for the gas and water piping needed, electrical lines and panels continue to be placed, ductwork is ongoing; and 
  • Sidewalk and the approach for the east side entrance was poured.  

The colder temps and snow have not created any notable issues as much of the work is being conducted indoors. As more moderate weather returns, exterior work will ramp back up. Completion of the project is slated for early April. During the work, public safety staff has relocated and anyone needing to speak with an officer can come to City Hall. 

As the project moves along, we will update this story to help keep everyone informed on its progress.

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