What to know regarding the downtown tree plan

The Parks Department is working from a tree plan to address some of the issues that are being encountered as the downtown trees grow and age. We understand that shade-providing trees provide beauty, character, practical uses, and so much more. They mean so much to so many, and hold real value to those who live and work in our community. Ideally, this plan would be executed in a manner where trees would be replaced with minimal impact to the aesthetic and feel of downtown Lindsborg, while preserving the diversity of our urban tree canopy. This plan addresses the following:

  • Adherence to ordinances (tree height);
  • Protecting existing infrastructure;
  • Protecting the appearance and biodiversity of the downtown canopy;
  • and Addressing the functions of the trees.

The tree replacements will be ongoing as needed, with 2-3 trees being replaced per year maximum. This will help ensure the appearance of downtown, which is vital and enjoyed by residents & visitors alike, will sustain minimal disruption, while maintaining a healthy and thriving tree population. As we stated earlier, this plan is something we are NOT doing alone - we value your feedback, cooperation, and partnership. Having an open line of communication between downtown business owners, residents, and city staff is critical in making this project a success for everyone. Business owners are being invited to help select tree replacements from a list provided by city staff based on several factors. 

Any questions or comments can be addressed by the Parks Department by emailing noahf@lindsborgcity.org.  

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