Composting Program

The community of Lindsborg takes pride in its recycling and composting programs. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment issued an experimental composting permit in 1991 and the project has grown in size and recognition. Lindsborg was the host site for the Recycling and Composting Works! Conference from 1995-2000, in 2005 and most recently in 2009. The project and conference were listed as one of 25 innovative, problem-solving projects in America to receive the National Excellence Award the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at the United Nations.

National & International Media

TBS/CNN and CNN International have produced and presented three programs on the project. News reports have also been presented by CBS, ABC, and the Ghana (West Africa) TV network. Wes Adell, who initiated the projects, was invited to speak at many state and national conferences and has given presentations on composting to various foreign countries.


Lindsborg Composting