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January 8, 2018 – 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Minutes


Members Present – Ed Radatz, Rick Martin, Blaine Heble, Corey Peterson, David Higbee, Mark Friesen & Kathy Richardson


Absent – Betty Nelson


Others Present – Greg DuMars, Jerry Lovett-Sperling, Tim Berggren, Larry Lindgren, Chris Lindholm, Holly Lofton, Gary Shogren, Bill Gusenius, Dan Carr, Beth & Keith Ferguson and Erika Kruckenberg


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Council President Rick Martin and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.


The City Clerk administered the Oath of Office to newly elected council members Mark Friesen, Ed Radatz, Blaine Heble & Kathy Richardson


Public Input –  None


Amendments to the Agenda – None


Mayor’s Report – President Martin introduced Beth Ferguson, the new Recreation Director who will begin her employment on January 15, 2015.  Beth thanked council for the opportunity to serve the community.

The council study session for January 15th will begin at 4:00 p.m. in the community room at the Safety Center to review the Citizen Survey.


Consent Agenda – Blaine Heble moved to approve the minutes of the December 18, 2017 regular council meeting, Payroll Ordinance 5093 & 5094 and Purchase Order Ordinance 5095.  Motion seconded by Kathy Richardson and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


Council President – David Higbee nominated Rick Martin and Kathy Richardson nominated Blaine Heble.  David moved the nominations close, seconded by Ed Radatz and passed.  The vote was Rick Martin 5 and Blaine Heble 2.


Appointments – None


Planning & Zoning no report


Old Business –  None



New Business – WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE – The cost of coverage is driven by the Experience Modifier—set at 0.73 for 2018. This is the same as last year, and reduced from the prior two years.  KMIT also offers a premium discount based upon various criteria affecting the City’s safety rating. For 2018, based upon a low experience factor, a 10% discount is being given.  David Higbee moved to approve the renewal of the 2018 workers compensation insurance from Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust (KMIT) in the amount of $24,065.00.  Motion seconded by Ed Radatz and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


2018 LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES - The 2018 Legislative Priorities are essentially the same as prior years. The exceptions are the allowance of EMS personnel to use Narcan to patients overdosing on opioids. This was approved last legislative session. The language on historic tax credits has been removed, as this is not considered under review during the legislative session.  There has been a section added on electric service territory. The electric cooperatives have drafted a bill that would inhibit the ability of municipal electric utilities to provide service in newly annexed territories.  David Higbee moved to approve the 2018 Legislative Priorities as presented.  Motion seconded by Kathy Richardson and passed.


STREET DEPARTMENT ROOF REPAIR - Part of the roof on the Street Department Building is a Quonset roof. This section of the roof has a spray foam coating. The spray foam coated roofing has received hail damage. The hail damage claim has been submitted to EMC Insurance, the city’s property & casualty insurance provider. Only one bid has been received to do the repair work. City staff has been working with EMC Insurance to find other companies to provide a bid for this work. Washington Roofing & Insulation is the only company we could find that does spray foam roofs. The bid from Washington Roofing & Insulation provided a bid in the amount of $14,675.00. The final cost to the City for the repair will be $6,225.50. This is the amount of the deductible and depreciation.  Blaine Heble moved to approve $14,675.00 for Washington Roofing & Insulation to repair the Quonset roof of the Street Department.  Motion seconded by Mark Friesen and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


KANSAS RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION VOTING DELEGATES - Each member of the Kansas Rural Water Association (KRWA) has a voting delegate and an alternate delegate at the KRWA Annual Conference business meeting. The KRWA business meeting is March 29,2018, in Wichita.  David Higbee moved to approve Denny Walker as the City of Lindsborg’s voting delegate and Chris Lindholm as the alternate voting delegate.  Motion seconded by Mark Friesen and passed.


LED STREETLIGHTS –The City’s has an ongoing program to replace all streetlights in town with LED lights.  Three bids were received.  The LED’s are generally accepted as a more efficient lighting source with a longer service life. This will be the second year of the program and once these are all installed it will leave approximately 85 lights to replace.  The lowest per fixture price comes from Stanion Wholesale Electric Co.  Blaine Heble moved to approve the purchase of 68 LED lights fixtures from Stanion Electric for $6917.34 including tax.  Motion seconded by Kathy Richardson and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


Executive Session – None


Department Head Reports – PUBLIC WORKS – Director Chris Lindholm gave updates on the re-routed waterline on W Garfield in anticipation of the drainage project.  Crews are shifting into tree-trimming mode and getting dead and overgrown trees cleaned up at the golf course; and starting the planning for the 2018 streets projects to include looking at concrete options for Lincoln Street.

PUBIC SAFETY - Director Tim Berggren thanked council for touring the new EMS facility and announced the community open house scheduled for January 20, 2018 from noon to 4 pm.  McPherson County, the County Attorney and Sheriff’s department are looking into upgrading their records management program that may have an option for county-wide use.  More information to follow.

CVB/SUNDSTROM – Director Holly Lofton will be attending the Kansas Rural Leadership conference which will include speaker Eric Liu.  He will speak on the topic of civic engagement.  The Conference Center is working to clean and refresh the center in anticipation of 2018 events.  Amy Habiger is no longer at the JOS, but she left us in a really good place as we plan for new management.  New Event Planning software may be on the horizon at a much more reasonable price.  Travel Industry Association of Kansas (TIAK) is going to address amusement ride legislation.

FROM THE CITY ADMINISTRATOR – 1) Local Government Day in Topeka is 1/24/18. 2) There is a KOMA-KORA insert in the newest Kansas Government Journal. 3) The Study Session for January 15 begins at 4:00 p.m. in the community room at the safety center. 4) The Related Party Questionnaire is for the 2017 audit and please return to Larry. 5) The Strategic Planning Retreat is scheduled for February 9 & 10.

Other – None

Adjournment – David Higbee moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Ed Radatz and passed.  Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,


Jerry Lovett-Sperling, MMC

City Clerk 

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