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June 5, 2017 – 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Minutes


Members Present – Betty Nelson, Kathy Richardson, Mark Friesen, Corey Peterson, Rick Martin, David Higbee, Emile Gallant & Bill Taylor

Absent – Blaine Heble

Others Present – Greg DuMars, Jerry Lovett-Sperling, Holly Lofton, Tim Berggren, Gary Shogren, Larry Lindgren, Kate Elliott, Chris Lindholm, Bill Gusenius, Martha Danielson & Mike Dreier



The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Taylor and the Pledge of Allegiance was said. 


Public Input – Mike Dreier presented the city with a check from EMC Insurance for participating in the Safety Program in the amount of $11,372.44.  The City has had only one claim in the last 3 years and that claim is in dispute at this time.


Amendments to the Agenda – no amendments


Mayor’s Report – Mayor Taylor thanked everyone who participated in the Memorial Day preparation and presentation.  The cemetery looked beautiful.

Mayor Taylor and City Administrator, Greg DuMars attended the annual meeting at MASWU.  Their curbside recycling program is doing well and they are refurbishing a building to be used for hazardous waste.


Consent Agenda – Rick Martin moved to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2017 regular council meeting, the May 22 and 24 special council meetings, Payroll Ordinance 5047 and Purchase Order Ordinance 5048.  Motion seconded by Emile Gallant and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


Appointments –  Mayor Taylor recommended the following appointments to Citizen Committees: Planning & Zoning – Jeff Kurtz & Marv Anderson; Cemetery Board – Tim Boller; Design Review – Liz Lahodny; Golf Course – Ron Rolander, Mike Dreier & Howard Kahler; Sister City – Don Anderson; Tree Board – Martha Danielson, Bob Ash & Keith Kandt; CVB Advisory – Ron Michael, Maleta Forsberg & Becky Anderson

J O Sundstrom – Debbie Jacobson.  Betty Nelson moved to approve the appointments as presented.  Motion seconded by Rick Martin and passed.


Planning & Zoning – no items




Old Business – WASTEWATER TRUCK BIDS - In the bidding process we were told that the last day to order a 2017 Dodge would be the 16th of May. We were told that if we called the salesman the evening it was approved by city council that he would get the order in that evening and everything work go through properly. After council approved the purchase of the 2017 Dodge 2500 Tradesman at last council the call was made to the salesman. He told us he immediately submitted the order and that it would be processed. Two days later we received a phone call and the salesman explained that he had done something incorrectly and the order did not go through. It is because of this error that this item is being revisited. The next low bid is from Long-MacArthur for a Ford F250 in the amount of $21,745.00. This is $561 higher than the bid from Midway Motors for a Dodge Tradesman which was approved at the May 15, 2017, City Council meeting.  Emile Gallant moved to approve $21,745.00 to purchase the Ford F250 from Long-MacArthur.  Motion seconded by David Higbee and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


New Business – CHARTER ORDINANCE 21 – ESTABLISHING A STORMWATER UTILITY - The Stormwater Task Force was established in October of 2016 and charged with the responsibility of examining stormwater management in Lindsborg and to make a recommendation on an approach to address the continuing issue of how to manage stormwater in a responsible manner. Working with consulting engineers from Wilson & Company, the task force met 6 times beginning in November of 2016. After study and review, it was the consensus of the task force to recommend the establishment of a stormwater utility for the City of Lindsborg. A charter ordinance is chartering out of state statute. When adopted it must be published one time a week for two consecutive weeks. From the first publication date, there is a 60-day window for a sufficient petition to be presented to request that the stormwater utility be placed on the ballot for referendum. If there is no petition, then the stormwater utility charter ordinance becomes effective. Rick Martin moved to adopt Charter Ordinance 21 establishing a stormwater utility for the city of Lindsborg.  Motion seconded by Betty Nelson and passed unanimously by roll call vote.  There will be an open house meeting on June 27 from 5 – 7 p.m. at the Sundstrom Conference Center


ORDINANCE 5049 – RIGHT-OF-WAY LICENSE TO ZAYO GROUP LLC - Zayo Group, LLC has installed a fiber optic line from the south elevator at MKC west down Grant Street to Peoples Bank & Trust. The ordinance grants the non-exclusive use of the right-of-way described in the ordinance for this purpose.  Emile Gallant moved to adopt Ordinance 5049.  Motion seconded by Rick Martin and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


VISITORS GUIDE QUOTES - Visitors Guides for the 2017/2018 year to be purchased in a quantity of 10,000.  This quantity should last approximately one year.  CVB staff recommends using Mennonite Press as our vendor due to their exceptional customer service and history of service to the CVB and to the City of Lindsborg.  Betty Nelson moved to approve the bid from Mennonite Press in the amount of $3,647.35 for 10,000 guides.  Motion seconded by Kathy Richardson and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


BILLBOARD CONTRACT - The Lindsborg Convention and Visitors Bureau is currently in a 3-year contract with George Lay Signs for a billboard located 2.2 miles west of Salina on I-70. This sign faces east. The current cost for this billboard is $235 per month and can be renewed for an additional 3 years at this same cost.  A new vinyl wrap would cost an additional $475. This wrap should last 3 years, or the life of the

new contract.  David Higbee moved to approve the contract with George Lay Signs to include a new vinyl wrap.  Motion seconded by Emile Gallant and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


Executive Session – Rick Martin moved to go to executive session for 15 minutes to discuss matters related to purchase of real estate and to include the city attorney, community development director and city administrator; and to return to regular session at 7:15 p.m.  Motion seconded by Emile Gallant and passed.  Session ended and council returned at 7:15 p.m.  No action required.


Department Head Reports – CVB/SUNDSTROM CONFERENCE CENTER – Holly Lofton reported that Elizabeth is off to a strong start.  Looking at new possibilities for scheduling staff and Amy is putting together a management/event manual.  The advertising campaign in Southwest Living magazine has produced greater than expected results.

PUBLIC WORKS – Chris Lindholm gave updates on the street work on Olsson and Pine streets, the removal of wireless internet antennae and options to curtail the turkey buzzards on the water tower.

PUBLIC SAFETY – Chief Berggren updated council on the graduation of Officer Aldrete, recent thefts of a vehicle and an ATV that were caught and property recovered.  Also, that there have been a couple of people passing counterfeit $50 & $100 bills.


Other –


Adjournment – Rick Martin moved to adjourn the meeting.  Motion seconded by Emile Gallant and passed.  Meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m.     



Respectfully submitted,




Jerry Lovett-Sperling, MMC

City Clerk

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