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May 7, 2007 – 6:30 p.m.


Members Present – Brad Howe, Rick Martin, Russ Hefner, Mark Van Camp, Betty Nelson, Lloyd Rohr, Ken Branch, Becky Anderson & Judy Neuschafer

Others Present – Greg DuMars, Jerry Lovett-Sperling, Thad Morrical, Annette Duncan, Tim Dunn, Tim Berggren, Larry Lindgren, Gary Neuschafer, Paul Dahlberg, Bill Carlson, Richard Kurtz, Fred Abercrombie, Paul Malm, Helen Weaver, Dave Barber, Gary Smith, Chuck Banks, John Magnuson, Darlene Magnuson, Dan Carr, Nils Erik Forsgard, John Divine, Keith Barnes, Jack & Marliss Detmers, Ellen Morgan, Maurice Bastian, Gary Martin, Bill Gusenius, Linda Branch, Keith Kandt, Kathi Patterson, Lou Spencer, Barb Arnold, Debbie Devine, Bunny Hultgren, Debbie Divine, Kally Tuttle, Karmon & Mary Ann Almquist, Bob Lindholm, Della and someone



The meeting was called to order at 6:30 and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.  Invocation was given by Pastor Gary Martin.


John Magnuson introduced Nils Erik Forsgard who is visiting Lindsborg gathering information on a book he is writing.


Judy Neuschafer was sworn is as Mayor of Lindsborg.  Rick Martin, Lloyd Rohr, Betty Nelson and Mark Van Camp were sworn in as council members.  Mayor Neuschafer then presented outgoing mayor John Magnuson a certificate of appreciation for his term of office.



Public Input – Mayor Neuschafer stated that during her term of office, public input will be limited to three minutes per person, with a three minute extension if necessary and topics will be referred to the appropriate place for further study or recommendations.

            Richard Kurtz, former owner of Viking Motel, spoke in opposition to the current Convention & Visitors Bureau, feeling that funds are being spent on Chamber business rather than CVB.

            Paul (Corky) Malm presented samples of the Trail historical signs that the historical society group has been working on.

            Maurice Bastian, concerned business owner and charter member of the CVB.  He stated that he felt the funds being spent on interim leadership are being wasted on a group that cannot lead and their lack of movement is creating dissention among the downtown business owners.

            Debbie Divine, representing the Scenic Byways, spoke of the advantages of the program as a way to share our stories.  Linda Branch, President of the Chamber of Commerce Board, also spoke in favor of the scenic by-ways program.




City Council – May 7, 2007 – page 2


Amendments to the Agenda – none



Minutes – Betty Nelson moved to approve the minutes of the April 2, 2007 regular council meeting and the April 17th, 20th and the May 1st special council meetings.  Motion seconded by Russ Hefner and passed.



Mayor’s Report –Mayor Neuschafer made the following remarks; “Since I haven't been through a month as being your mayor, I don't have a long report other than I attended the 6th Annual Mayors Conference this past Friday and Saturday in Topeka, read the proclamation for Arbor Day at Carlson Park, April 26th both of which provided practice and preparation for some of the duties of this position.

I look forward to working with this council to make decisions that will have positive outcome for Lindsborg.  These decisions can be made through diligent research, study and communication with always focusing in on what is best for Lindsborg as a whole.  By doing these steps I feel we can make a difference. I would like for every resident to feel welcomed at our meetings with their input of ideas.  My hope and prayer is that we will all be so proud of our town that we are constantly selling Lindsborg when we are inside or outside the city limits.  That sale will be to "come visit us, stay with us or live with us because we are a great community".”

            Mayor Neuschafer presented the following as appointments for City Officers: City Administrator – Greg DuMars; City Clerk – Jerry Lovett-Sperling; Director of Public Safety – Tim Berggren; Director of Public Works – Tim Dunn; Director of Parks & Recreation – Thad Morrical; City Attorney – William Gusenius; Municipal Judge – Gary Price; Fire Chief – Willard Keding; Treasurer – Ruth Flohr.  Lloyd Rohr moved to approve the appointments of City Officers.  Motion seconded by Brad Howe and passed.

            Mayor Neuschafer presented the following as members of citizen committees: Library Board – Gavin Doughty; Lindsborg Housing Authority Board – Marlys Mattingly & Nyal Jennings; Parks & Rec. Advisory Board – Chase Ellis; Planning & Zoning commission – Annette Johnson, Ken Swisher, & Karmon Almquist; Board of Zoning Appeals – Ken Swisher; Cemetery Board – Robert Peterson; Design Review Board – Shirley Malm & Kathi Patterson; Gifts & Bequests – Vacant; Sister City – Maj-Britt Hawk; Tree Board – Pat Shea, Warren Webster & John Flohr; Convention & Visitors Board – Bob Ryan, Jessica Morton, Sue Schlagel, Sabrina Spellman, Mary Swenson, Marc Anderson, Maurice Bastion, Colene Lind & David Larson.  Betty Nelson moved to approve the appointments of the Citizen committees.  Motion seconded by Russ Hefner and passed.

            Mayor Neuschafer opened the floor for nominations for Council President.  Rick Martin nominated Becky Anderson and seconded by Betty Nelson.  Lloyd Rohr moved that nominations cease.  Becky Anderson is the new council president.

            Chuck Banks, Gary Smith & Dave Barber, representing USDA Rural Development presented the City with a check in the amount of $271,100.00 from the Community Facilities Loan Program to be used for the East Union Street improvements.

City Council – May 7, 2007 – page 3


Council members were asked to review their calendars for possible budget work session dates.

            The City Administrator gave an update on the tornado disaster in Greensburg and will keep council posted on plans for assistance.



Planning & Zoning – No report



Administration & Finance – STRATEGIC PLAN – Brad Howe moved to approve the Strategic Plan for the city.  Motion seconded by Lloyd Rohr and passed.


(Councilmember Russ Hefner left the meeting)


            “WELCOME TO LINDSBORG” HOUSING PROGRAM – Brad Howe moved to approve the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Rural Housing (GHR) Program.  Motion seconded by Ken Branch and passed.


            SCENIC BYWAY RESOLUTION – Betty Nelson moved to adopt Resolution 06-07 relating to the Scenic Byway Program.  Motion seconded by Ken Branch and passed.

            CITY HALL NEEDS AND SPACE ASSESSMENT – Fred Abercrombie was present to review the schematics and a preliminary opinion of probable cost for the renovation of space and ADA upgrades for City Hall.  After the presentation it was the consensus of the council to refer it back to committee for further study. 



Special GuestsMayor Neuschafer introduced her special guests of the evening, her husband Gary, sons Darrin & Doug and grandchildren Kaitlin and Braden.



Utilities – ELECTRIC MATERIALS FOR THE GARDENS OF LINDSBORG – Lloyd Rohr moved to approve the bid from Stanion Wholesale Electric in the amount of $27,777.13 (includes tax) for the materials for the expansion.  Motion seconded by Betty Nelson and passed unanimously by roll call vote.



Streets & Parks – SIGN FRAME QUOTE – Becky Anderson moved to approve $348.73 to Hemslojd for the frame for the west entrance sign to Lindsborg.  Motion seconded by Rick Martin and passed unanimously by roll call vote.


LANE ROPE REEL QUOTES – Becky moved to approve $874.90 for the purchase of a lane rope reel.  The amount budgeted for this item is $1,500.  Motion seconded by Mark Van Camp and passed unanimously by roll call vote.



City Council – May 7, 2007 – page 4



DIVISION OF WATER RESOURCES – COOPERATIVE FLOODPLANIN LETTER – Becky Anderson moved to authorize the Mayor to sign a letter requesting data on behalf of the city regarding floodplain map revisions.  Motion seconded by Ken Branch and passed.  Becky thanked the City Administrator and staff for alerting council of this issue.



Public Safety – RURAL FIRE DISTRICT AGREEMENT – Rick Martin moved to approve the agreement with Rural Fire district #8.  Motion seconded by Betty Nelson and passed.



Purchase Order – Lloyd Rohr moved to approve pay Purchase Order Ordinance 4490.  Motion seconded by Brad Howe and passed unanimously by roll call vote.



Payroll Ordinance – Betty Nelson moved to approve payment of Payroll Ordinances 4488 & 4489.  Motion seconded by Lloyd Rohr and passed unanimously by roll call vote.



Other – Lloyd Rohr moved to approve the correction of a numbering error on a previously passed resolution.  Motion seconded by Rick Martin and passed.


Lloyd Rohr remarked that he had been to the boneyard and described the “trash” that had been left there.  The city has a permit from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to operate this compost site and they also do spot inspections.  If we are found in violation of that permit, they city can be fined and/or our permit may be revoked.  It is of the utmost importance that citizens abide by the rules.


Adjournment – Lloyd Rohr moved to adjourn the meeting.  Motion seconded by Brad Howe and passed.  Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Jerry Lovett-Sperling, CMC

City Clerk







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